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The Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club (CHSC) is an integral part of The Cotswold Hunt. It is an inclusive club for all those interested in field sports. Its primary aim is to support the supporters of the Cotswold Hunt by passing information and advice, help running events, and organise social activities at an affordable cost. We have a strong and loyal membership made up of both foot followers and mounted followers. As well as providing many social events the CHSC aims to raise all-important funds for the benefit of The Cotswold Hunt. Funds raised in recent years have been used to pay for refurbishment of the hunt lorry, repairs and building works to the kennels, including building new whelping boxes, and the purchase of a lawn mower for the kennels.

Social events organised include a quiz night with supper, Winter Warmer Party, End of Season Party, three hunt breakfasts and three pub suppers. We also support the Cotswold Hunt events, providing catering/bar facilities at the Stowell Park Hunter Trials, the Team Chase, the Miserden Fun Ride, the Brockhampton Fun Ride, the Country Sale, the summer Country Fair, and the Puppy Show.

We run a Whisky Draw at the Saturday meets, which is organised by Hugh Dunsmore-Hardy, who also organises the collections for the Hunt Staff Christmas box on Christmas Eve and Boxing day.

We have a very hardworking and enthusiastic committee and we have a huge amount of goodwill extended towards us, for which we are extremely grateful. We welcomed our new Chairman Matthew Peters and Vice Chair Caroline Tiley in November 2014.

All followers of the Cotswold Hunt are encouraged to take out membership with the Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club.


Chairman – Matthew Peters –

Vice Chair – Caroline Tiley –

Membership Secretary – Alison Newborough  –

Below are a number of items bought through Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club.

Cotswold Hunt Supporters Membership

Cotswold Hunt Supporters Membership

Cotswold Hunt Supporters Membership Subscription. Each year from January1st to December 31st.....


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