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The purpose of this website is to provide information and resources on activities that are supported by The Cotswold Hunt and its subsidiaries. All or any references to the uses of the term 'hunt' or 'hunting', or any relation thereto used in the text should be interpreted strictly as meaning hunting within the law as defined under The Hunting Act 2004 and covering such activities as hound exercise.

The object of the Cotswold Hunt, after the 17th February 2005, is to work for the re-introduction of lawful hunting generally, as well as in the Cotswold Hunt Country, and to that end to maintain an establishment as a kennel to breed foxhounds in order to retain their bloodlines and to meet biodiversity responsibilities, to undertake hound and equestrian activities to facilitate that end and to promote support for these objectives through social intercourse by members.

We will regularly promote events and encourage participation in countryside and related events to facilitate fund raising, social involvement, enjoyment, and better understanding to further these objectives.


Autumn Hunting started in September and we are continuing to hunt

following Government regulations and The Hunting Office guidance.

If you wish to follow, mounted or on foot, you must register by 7.00pm the day before.


Cook Book 2020

Cook Book 2020

The Cotswold Hunt Cook Book 2020 - Volume III. Another collection of recipes from subscribers and fo..


All Hounds Poster 2020

All Hounds Poster 2020

Cotswold Hounds Poster 2020..


Hound Sponsorship

Hound Sponsorship

Please click HERE to see full list of hounds. Sponsoring one of our hounds provides a valuable sourc..


CHSC - Membership

CHSC - Membership

Cotswold Hunt Supporters Membership Subscription. Each year from October 1st to August 31st.....


Upcoming Events - At a glance!

October - Cotswold Team Chase - cancelled

November 13  – Countryside Race Day.

December – Christmas Fair.

Saturday 26 Dec  – Boxing Day Meet.


April 11 - Point to Point

Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club

The Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club (CHSC) is an integral part of The Cotswold Hunt. It is an inclusive club for all those interested in field sports.

Its primary aim is to support the supporters of the Cotswold Hunt by passing information and advice, help running events, and organise social activities at an affordable cost.

We have a strong and loyal membership made up of both foot followers and mounted followers.

As well as providing many social events the CHSC aims to raise all-important funds for the benefit of The Cotswold Hunt.

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Cotswold Hunt Pony Club

The Cotswold Hunt branch of the Pony Club helps educate children in caring for and riding all types of horses and ponies, from the tiniest trotting Shetland to a polished and glossy eventer, everyone is welcome.

Our branch was formed in 1930, which makes it one of the oldest Pony Clubs in the country. We are part of Area 9 of the Pony Club and we are one of the larger clubs with about 160 members.

Our aim is to have lots for fun along the way, so whilst we have a spread of talent in our members, you don’t have to want to compete to enjoy the activities that are on offer.

For more information see...

Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Website

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